Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hey gorgeous peeps,
So happy to announce 2 brand new limited editions to arrive in my shop!
An Ordinary Eden, and A Yellow Paradise. Priced at $200, and in a special artist edition of 20 fitting into an A2 frame they are a really simple way to add some punch to any room. Prints can be purchased directly from my website. SHOP

 I've recently discovered a new addiction and that's taking photos. So into it right now! You can check them out on my new instagram account as well as all of my latest art @miaoatley
If you haven't joined my facebook page please get on over there too...for all the latest news, and special giveaways.

I've also had some exciting news recently NG ART GALLERY in Sydney are taking me on, and giving me a solo show in July. Can't wait for that! I'll also be opening my beautiful art Deco studio to the public for a combined exhibition with Shannon Crees in early May. Some free workshops will be given away as a special promotion, so if you've ever wanted to explore your wild creative side, now is your chance!!  Enjoy the beautiful March weather! xx

Friday, January 10, 2014


I dream tropical dreams. I dream them all year round!
 Don’t you just love to swim free in the ocean, sit in the warm sun, see lush green plants all around, and have the freedom to be outside all day, or all night. I do! I guess that’s why I like to paint tropical paintings.

Because Summer is a happy place, and because I'm a colorist I look for ways to express all of that colour inside of me. Sounds kind of like I’m about to read your fortune doesn’t it! But I think you know what I mean. A lot of people express their mood with colour when they get dressed every day.  Who doesn't love to see bright beautiful people expressing their colourful personalities. I do!

Personally I’m what’s known as a penguin. I only wear black and white, or if you are lucky cream, navy, or red. I like to sit in white rooms too. I like to express all my colors, all the colors that I feel inside on the canvas or with a brush, pencil, or any way that is creative.

This new body of work is inspired by a summer paradise, and all of it’s beautiful creatures.

If you're a stylist and are interested in using this work on any shoots, or features, or would like to enquire about the sizes or prices please contact:  Mia Oatley directly @




When I went to Birdsville I was actually looking for Love Birds, but when I got to the store there wasn’t much in the way of Love Birds. There were 2, and one was already taken, and I wasn’t really down with the idea of taking one lonely Love Bird. So I took the 2 rowdy and brilliantly colored budgies instead.

As soon as I got them home I started drawing them, on the swing, nesting, fighting, playing, sitting sweetly side by side, and individually. They made excellent subjects.

After drawing them, I wanted to express just how colorful, and fun budgies can be, so I got my collage on and had fun making these quirky bird collages. Made from Vinyl, acrylic paint, oil paint and marker pen, they are perfect to add a punchy and playful pop in your living room, bedroom, or kids room. They look great in sets of 2 or more!

There’s a just a few of these left so I’m offering a special price for the last few. Framed in a fresh white frame 30cm x 30cm these gorgeous artworks originally $365 are now $250 for 3 days only.

To take advantage of this special offer email x




Friday, November 22, 2013

Latest Commissioned works!

I've done some great projects this year with Interior designers. Here's 2 of the latest projects!
My fresh take on Adam and Eve for Eden Cafe, the new uber chic warehouse cafe in Zetland opening in January 2014 was an exciting and fun artistic project commissioned by OUTFIT interiors. I also recently created a gorgeous commissioned painting for the interior design co. Chocolate Brown.for a Sydney client. If you're looking to get a special project done don't hesitate to get in touch.

                             ADAM AND EVE for EDEN CAFE. Feature artwork. 1.2m x 2m

 Commission- 1.3m x 1.7m

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My monster mural installed!

I Created this commission for 2 fish resturaunt in Port Douglas earlier in the year. It's just been installed for the grand opening next week! Made in panels on 4 sheets of 120 x 240 plywood this 9.5m monster mural is the biggest single artwork that I have created so far.

Inspired by drawings from my sketch books over a period of 5 years. Making the cut, were some of my life models, an ex boyfriend, scenes from cafes, and every day life.

The collage is created from vinyl, marker pen, acrylic paint, painted with rollers, (I was trying out new ways to apply paint), because there was so much surface....

This is the 5th commission that I have undertaken this year.  delivering a large painting today for a Sydney client, with work to commence on another figurative mixed media work for Eden Cafe in Zetland soon. It's kept the year fresh and interesting, allowing me to branch into other mediums, while I build up a new body of paintings.

I'm working out of my brand new studio in Annandale now, where I've got a great studio- so a big thank you to all the people who have bought my work in the past, but special mention going out to all of those who bought my work in my May-June Sale which helped fund the move into my creative workshop. Loving it! xxx